You will be informed that the risk encounter check has not detected any encounters with corona-positive persons or that the defined threshold value has not been exceeded during any of your encounters. . The deadlines for taking the last study and examination credits of the expiring diploma courses are regulated in the transitional regulations for Bachelor's and Master's courses. a permanent class-type group (group formation principle) of up to 35 persons. The following measures, among others, must be observed: Adherence to the distance rule of at least 1.5 meters between persons, sensitization of participants in advance and behavior tips or posting, keeping a list of participants, regular ventilation, larger event room, and others. Im Studierendenportal steht ab sofort eine neue „Studienbescheinigung mit Regelstudienzeit“ zur Verfügung. If I have a medical certificate exempting me from wearing a face mask. Verschiebung von Prüfungen und zum Start des Studienbetriebs im Sommersemester bündelt. Anmeldeschluss ist der 02.11.2020. Please note: Your library account must not show any fees or loans. I am in a risk group. der Corona- Pandemie ... des Studiums in der Regelstudienzeit dar. In addition, attitudes and recommendations for a data-saving use and for minimizing risks from an IT security point of view were elaborated and implemented. Further information can be found here in German, English and French. Am KIT besteht die Pflicht einer Mund-Nasen-Bedeckung an folgenden Orten: Die KIT-Bibliothek steht in eingeschränktem Maße als Lernraum zur Verfügung, allerdings nur mit Sitzplatzreservierung. hlungen kurzfristig ändern und werden laufend aktualisiert. Alternatively, you can come to the KIT Library South in person during our service hours (Monday - Friday 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.). Please read more at our FAQ "What should be considered when returning or entering from foreign risk areas?" This will also apply to written examinations in the 2020 summer semester, which will take place during the semester break from July 27 to October 31, 2020. Corona-Pandemie: Forschung am KIT. In all cases listed above, flexitime credits may be used up or vacation may be taken to avoid loss of payment. For details, please refer to:, Payment information for persons returning from risk areas. Die Sorge, dass zwar Arbeitgeber mit Mitteln zur Aufrechterhaltung des Betriebs versorgt werden, die Angestellten die Krise aber ausbaden müssen, ist nicht unberechtigt. In the view of the state government, one generally speaks of unauthorized absence from work under § 68 (1) of the Federal Law on Public Servants (Landesbeamtengesetz - LBG) if civil servants who have to stay in quarantine after returning from vacation in a risk area do not safeguard their ability to work. International students who are or were able to enter Germany need to make an appointment for personal enrolment on our website: Only in cases where you can show proof that it’s not possible to enter Germany, you can enrol online. An individual assessment by a physician, taking  into account both the individual health requirements and the working conditions, is necessary. The Corona App shows me a warning, how should I react? 1,068 Followers, 840 Following, 203 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from RAPANDBLUES (@rapandblues) You will then receive the masks by internal mail. In times of Corona, all of us at the KIT are jointly faced with the challenge of establishing a “new-normality“ way of gradually resuming regular life in compliance with the legal framework and the necessary infection protection measures. Please do not go to work but instead go home and inform your family doctor by telephone. Das Studium "Bauingenieurwesen" an der staatlichen "KIT" hat eine Regelstudienzeit von 6 Semestern und endet mit dem Abschluss "Bachelor of Science". . Universities are explicitly authorized to collect such data (§14 CoronaVO). Please note that no statutory compensation shall be provided for in times when schools and childcare facilities are closed anyway (e.g. What do I have to consider when entering from foreign risk areas? Als die Corona-Pandemie Mitte März endgültig in Deutschland angekommen war, befanden sich viele Universitäten gerade mitten in der Prüfungsphase für das Wintersemester 2019/20. several people who always work at the same workplace/office), provided that it is known which persons were present on which days in the previous four weeks. The use of the KIT premises and thus the presence teaching will be restricted by at least the three infection prevention measures specified today: a. Hygiene regulations (including cleaning of the places), b. Please contact your examiner for this purpose +++ DIE PRÜFUNGSTERMINE FÜR DAS WINTERSEMESTER 2020/21 STEHEN JETZT FEST. This creates aerosol particles that can stay in the air for a long time. Start; Vor dem Studium; Studiengänge; Bachelor­studiengänge; Informatik, Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft In order to protect the health of all persons involved, please make sure that the recommendations by Robert Koch Institute and the health authorities as well as the Corona Regulations of the state of Baden-Württemberg are observed: Employees of external companies must not suffer from fever, cough, cold, or sore throat when working in KIT facilities. Risk encounters are defined by the app as encounters with a person tested positive for the coronavirus. Meetings and discussions must take into account certain requirements set out in the "Regulations on KIT Service Operations in Times of the SARS-CoV-2 (Corona Virus) Pandemic". If the study and examination regulations stipulate a deadline for taking the re-examination, this will be extended by one or two semesters, depending on the course of study. Due to the increasing number of infections and the urgent appeals from the German federal and state governments to comply with the distancing rules, the KIT refrains from implementing the group formation rules in academic education. For this reason, it is possible and permissible at KIT to install the Corona Warning App on service mobile phones. Where at KIT is wearing a face mask mandatory? Den Start des darauffolgenden Sommersemesters plant das KIT unverändert für den 12.04.2021. As per a letter dated March 10, 2020, students have been allowed to apply for an extension of the deadline due to the postponement of examinations in the winter semester of 19/20. From there, an alternate bus will run every 10 minutes during peak periods (please exit at: Forchheim, Leichtsandstraße/Messe Karlsruhe). In addition, the following central requirements must be observed for data protection-compliant collection of contact data (more detailed information is available on the website of the Data Protection Staff Unit): Further information & FAQs on this subject can be found on the pages of the Data Protection Staff Unit (DSB): (in German only). The children affected by the closure are under 12 years of age. If the Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs issues any detailed regulations with changes at short notice, we will include them in the FAQ. Due to the current pandemic situation, the lecture period at KIT will start online  on November 2. KIT admission and enrollment regulations; Titel Stand Download ; 2020 KIT 054 Vierte Satzung zur Änderung der Zulassungs- und Immatrikulationsordnung am Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT) 03.11.2020, veröffentlicht 03.11.2020: PDF The same applies to “isolation at home" as recommended by the Robert Koch Institute. Unfortunately, no reliable statements can yet be made for the period after January 10, 2021, as this depends on the legal framework conditions. According to Article 19 BBiG, this also applies to trainees. Die aktuellen und neusten Infos vom KIT gibt es auf der FAQ Seite zu Corona [3]. Einige der Angebote werden ausschließlich online stattfinden. After checking your library account, the staff will digitally sign the routing slip and forward it to the student service. Studierende können sich dort mit ihrem KIT-Kürzel einloggen. If you do not participate in ESS/MSS and will not be coming to campus for the foreseeable future, please note your daily working hours for one working week in a list (Word/Excel) and email it to PSE-Zeitwirtschaft with your supervisor in CC. The quarantine can be terminated prematurely after five days, provided that a negative test result has been obtained. If you have  questions regarding the registration or crediting processes, please contact your academic advisors. Only if as many people as possible use the app can it unfold its effect.KIT’s risk assessment-based protection concept rests on the fact that the minimum distance is always and as far as possible maintained for preventing infections. The students are informed comprehensively about data processing via a data protection declaration. Das Studium wird als Vollzeitstudium angeboten. According to the "Guidelines on the Course of Business at KIT in Times  of the SARS-CoV-2 (Corona Virus) Pandemic", it is possible to conduct personal interviews face to face, observing the the infection protection measures and the current hygiene rules: Minimum distance 1.5 meters, cough and sneeze etiquette, regular thorough hand washing, well-ventilated and sufficiently large rooms. Maßnahmen des Corona-Krisenstabs am KIT; Rubrik "Fragen zu Studium und Lehre", die u.a. The quarantine can be terminated prematurely after five days, provided that a negative test result has been obtained. In the case of a confirmed infection of an employee in the relevant organizational unit, it is of paramount importance to find out  who else in the working group has had contact with the infected person during the last few days. Currently, consistently avoid face-to-face meetings and please conduct them exclusively online. Compensation payments will be made to your payroll account. We ask everyone for patience, calmness, and cooperation in this special situation. 4) If, after having exhausted these possibilities further days off are required for childcare, a short-term leave of absence from work with a waiver of payment can be granted, § 29, subsection 3, sentence 2 TVöD, or special leave can be taken according to § 28 TVöD. Examples of measures that maintain the basic standard are mobile working, if this is possible after consultation with superiors, moving to individual offices, and ensuring presence of only few persons at a time. Laufende Abschlussarbeiten: Die Bearbeitungszeiten für Abschlussarbeiten werden pauschal verlängert, und zwar so lange, wie der Studienbetrieb ausgesetzt ist (Stand 15.05.2020: 17. Zu Verhaltensregeln bei Präsenz-Veranstaltungen beachten Sie bitte die FAQs des KIT unter "Prüfungen und Lehrveranstaltungen". Diskussion 'Regelstudienzeit Bachelor Wing KIT' Warum dieses Thema beendet wurde Die Schließung eines Themas geschieht automatisch, wenn das Thema alt ist und es länger keine neuen Beiträge gab. The prior Master's transfer account is limited to 30 ECTS points. Further information: studiengebuehren∂, In order to manage the Corona crisis in the best possible way, the Executive Board of KIT has set up a Crisis Unit in which the heads of all relevant organizational units are working together. Read more: If, in exceptional cases, it is not possible to make a digital entry declaration, a replacement declaration must be filled out on paper. What is to be done in the case of a Covid-19 infection at KIT? Please contact the public health care or nursing care insurance directly in order to clarify whether the prerequisites for your short-term inability to work are met according to § 2 of the Pflegezeitgesetz, and to receive your care support allowance. Zudem wurde mit Blick auf die Corona-Pandemie eine Verlängerung der Regelstudienzeit beschlossen. If the regular weekly working time is not distributed over five working days, the proportion increases or decreases accordingly. 1593 Neuinfektionen und 39 Todesfälle in Berlin+ 56 Böllerverbotszonen festgelegt + Berlin steht Schlange – großer Andrang bei Lebensmittelgeschäften + Der Corona-Blog. Is it possible to enter Germany from third countries? 3) How can I continue to stay at home for childcare purposes (without extending work from home)? Comprehensive and consistens home office, The German Chancellor, together with the heads of government of the German states, has passed a resolution that will largely restrict public life from Wednesday, Dec. 16, 2020. Data collection: What must be observed according to data protection legislation? In addition, the wearing of a mouth-nose covering (MNB) is strongly recommended for the protection of the participants. The Corona-Warn-App of the Federal Government is an important helper to trace and interrupt infection chains. If neither the KONKIT device nor the QR code is available in the rooms used, the teacher is obliged to collect the contact data of the participants in proper form and to keep the data for four weeks. Individuals who tested positive by PCR and had symptoms, at the earliest 10 days after the onset of symptoms and at least 48 hours after freedom from symptoms. What is the planning state for the examinations in the 2020 summer semester? Please do not deregister by mail in these cases. Damit müssen sich Studenten das Sommer- und Wintersemester nicht anrechnen lassen. In contrast to diploma students, students still enrolled in the "old SPOs" automatically fall under the new study and examination regulations when the examination deadlines expire, so that the regulations of the new SPOs apply with regard to examinations to be taken, deadlines, etc. 2020). Mit Wirtschaftspartnern soll er bald auf den Markt kommen. Jeder Arbeitgeber hat einen sozialen Auftrag gegenüber seinen Beschäftigten. Generally, persons entering or returning from abroad from a risk area where they have stayed within the last ten days before entering are now obliged to immediately after entry quarantine themselves for ten days. SIE FINDEN DIE AKTUALISIERTEN TERMINÜBERSICHTEN UNTER "PRÜFUNGSTERMINE BACHELOR" UND "PRÜFUNGSTERMINE MASTER" +++, Vorlesungszeit des Wintersemesters 2020/21. Since November 8th, a digital declaration of entry (digitale Einreiseanmeldung, in German only) is also required if you have been in a risk area up to 10 days before entering. In the email to Mrs. Christine Engelhardt (christine.engelhardt∂ cc: kristin.wolf∂, please indicate whether you decide to take the spring or the autumn examination. This obligation to collect data applies to all meetings of two or more persons in one room over a period of more than 15 minutes. Here, we are focusing on the more intensive use of existing possibilities of telework or mobile working. Ohne Gründe. Das KIT unterstützt bei der Bewältigung der Coronakrise mit Forschungs- und Sachbeiträgen und wissenschaftlich-technischen Dienstleistungen. What has to be considered for the exams in the summer semester 2020? Ein Vorteil ist, dass die Regelstudienzeit um ein Semester verlängert wurde, das heißt auch die Bafög-Förderung auf die ich angewiesen bin wurde um ein Semester verlängert. In addition, especially for students from abroad, there is the possibility to apply for a semester off in the case of travel restrictions, etc. Bereits vor der Corona-Krise wurden am KIT Regelungen getroffen, die den Studierenden einen besonders großen Freiraum zur Gestaltung ihres Studiums bieten: Für Studierende, die nicht ans KIT kommen können, besteht beispielsweise die grundsätzliche Möglichkeit, Prüfungsleistungen in modifizierter Form abzulegen. Anmeldeschluss ist der 02.11.2020. In addition, they must ensure that they can carry out their work with full commitment after returning from vacation. For example, the use of Zoom at KIT is based on a contract data processing agreement that has been adapted to the KIT requirements. Please keep to the distance rule of 1.5 meters in the bistro and on the terrace. Regulations on KIT Service Operations in Times of the SARS-CoV-2 (Corona Virus) Pandemic, the infection protection measures and the current hygiene rules,, "First Aid Kit for Successful Distributed Working", Students are free to contact their lecturers, the deans’ offices, or the staff of the Students Office. that can be used by all members of an institute or by several working groups - usually irregularly), daily participant lists with  attendance times must be kept, provided that the individual persons have stayed/will stay in the respective room for more than 15 minutes. As in case of influenza and other respiratory diseases, observation of coughing and sneezing rules, good hand hygiene, and social distancing also protect you against transmission of the novel Corona virus. Where can I find help, for example, on the subjects of online teaching, digital course preparation, and everyday university life? The extension of examination deadlines for  the remaining Diplom students would require an amendment of the study and examination regulations (SPO). last change: Zu den Förderkriterien zählen neben besonderen Erfolgen an Schule und/oder Universität auch das … The Corona Ordinance as of July 1, 2020 contains some alterations  with regard to the number of persons allowed to attend courses: Until July 31, 2020, events with up to 100 persons are possible under compliance with the measures for infection protection and the collection of participants’ data. If deregistering by email with your examiner, please use your KIT email address to ensure that your deregistration can be assigned clearly and securely. Eine Verlegung von Klausuren ist leider nicht mehr möglich! 1 of the Pflegezeitgesetz (home care leave act, in German only), employees have the right,  to take up to ten days off without continued payment in order to organize appropriate care for a close relative in an acute care situation. In view of the current situation, we ask you to be particularly responsible when submitting your application, as there are currently only limited places available for childcare at the relevant facilities. Children whose well-being requires care are also entitled to emergency care. If you are working in shifts, please use this form (available in German only), which will be issued by the relevant organizational units.

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